Starring: Linda Lush

Our good Santa is a bit broke, he need money asap, it was a tough year for him! More expensive gifts are expected by everyone!

Boat damaged, need to repair! Vet costs for his horse Amerigo are skyhigh, blaming the fucking Santa Claus who nibbled everything in front of him! There was only 1 left to get back up. He had to use the Whore Seed Santha. Seed Santha always takes a small young slut in for firm sex, heavy blowjobs and a pussy full of sperm!

This little sperm slut knows how to handle the countless letters and app messages we receive every year from horny men, who want to get rid of their seed in a young girl. Ask for lists full of kinky fantasies of what they want to do with our naughty so called Black Petes.

These days my phone is full of dickpics and cumshots. Nice idea to prostitute one of my black petes. And before I knew it, Santa was on the phone with Mr. Cumbizz. No sooner said than done. Suddenly It rains money. My so called Mijter (Santa hat) was full of dollar bills. 

25 happy horney men saw their teenage dreams come true.

Would you also like to see how our seed Santa is getting a mouth full of sperm, gets sprayed and how the pussy gets drenched with sperm? Watch here...

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