Xmass Kitten inspiration to make our Cumbizz Christmas song

Xmass Kitten inspiration to make our Cumbizz Christmas song

The Twelve Times of Christmas is probably the most famous Christmas carols ever written. It really has been sung for a great number of years, which is known throughout the world. Mr. Cumbizz will introduce this Christmas "Xmass Kitten" to the porn community, a delightful movie, originally designed with a very serious intent. We at like to invite our members and non members to participate in our Christmas challenge. Long time ago It was actually essentially a crime to join and practice in porn. Not anymore, and for that Mr. Cumbizz have this FREE Blow bang porn movie on the site FREE for you.  Watch "Xmass Kitten for Free" and be creative, sent us your suggestions for the future Cumbizz Christmas Song. The winner will get 1 year FREE membership and your song will become our Christmas celebration tune every year.

The symbols within the song you van use are highlighted below:

1st verse – "Soul Mates" means CUMBIZZ.

2nd verse – "2 cumsluts" refers to your 2 favorite porn movies.

3rd verse – "3 French Hens" identifies 3 Bukkake Toppers.

4th verse – "4 Calling Birds" refers to the Four famous bangers.

5th verse – "5 Golden Rings" signifies the first Books in porn history.

6th verse – "6 Geese-a-laying" means the six times one can cummm.

7th verse – "7 Swans-a-swimming" signifies your cumbizz pool party 

8th verse – "8 Maids-a-milking" signifies the eight bukkake porn lovers you ever donate your white flakes too.

9th verse – "9 Ladies dancing" refers back to the nine fruits in the Holy Spirit.

10th verse – "10 Lords-a-leaping" refers back to the Ten Commandments of porn.

11th verse – "11 Pipers piping" means the eleven faithful apostles bukkake lovers

12th verse – "12 Drummers drumming" signifies the points you giving to the gangbang actors you visit.

You will really like this song. It will be, definitely, the most popular Christmas carol ever. It’s always nice to discover something totally new, especially concerning the wonderful celebration of Cumbizz future Christmas. I am hoping you learned something too. Merry Christmas to all, and to all an horny effective night! Get it for FREE now...

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