The mermaid does a little jump in the water

Splash Dirty Dutch Porn with Linda Lush as mermaid is a Dutch porn production from Mr. Cumbizz.

The film is set at the Galderse meren (lakes) in the city of Breda when the morning is still young and some horny sperm providers like to spray porn star Linda Lush with their very best quality seed.

The film begins when mermaid Linda Lush pretends that as the little sister of Disney's film Arielle jumps into the water and applies her first deadly mermaids to seduction tactics. She makes a dive as if she had landed helplessly into the water while her eyes begging and begging to be saved. A strong bond of friendship takes possession of the men and they do not hesitate for one single moment to as fast as they can get her on the dry.

She must be kept wet as a mermaid and her request to the stiff hard horney cocks speak volumes in front of her face. If she grabs the first super tight cock with balls full of sperm starting her bukkake session, stops it in her mouth, the other sailors start jerking off asking for more attention. The first heavy blowjob performed with unprecedented gluttony is worth it. There are more hard piles to take care of and she love it, black, brown, somewhat purplish elements and some hard white super-hot rods that are sucked one by one, sucking and licking as if it were her lust for life. The balls also gets a super treatment from the mermaid, while some men can no longer keep it up and spontaneously spray on her face, mouth and breasts with loads of sperm, reminiscent of a lava flow of recently erupted volcanoes in the Asian region.

The mermaid does a little jump in the water and back, later it appears that she has experienced an almost death experience because she cannot actually swim, or is this one of the deadly temptations of mermaids? If you want to see this and to know more of mermids deadly here ...


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