German Super Sexy Suzie Let It Rain

German Super Sexy Suzie Let It Rain

When I saw her ad for the first time I immediately got a bulge in my pants and I had to restrain myself not to spontaneously go to the toilet to give my hot sperm free rein. "Sexy suzie" is for me the only real sperm lover to never forget. I have experienced her before and it was for the full 100% enjoyment. The full layer of cumshots flew spontaneously into the room and she swallowed everything, nice, nice, tasty was what came out of her mouth.

Before her bukkake session started I had made an appointment for an interview with Suzie. Not shy and always willing to answer questions she told me the following:

"This is my second time, I would like to come back to the Netherlands especially for my Dutch and Belgian fans.What I experience here and in Belgium is the sky is the limit. Nowadays you do not find such eager hard bangers as in the Netherlands and Belgium.  I'm the ultimate in cocks, hard dicks and to empty them with my seed slurping methods ".

I had to blush from her candid confession that she would like to emptied Dutch seeders. I had spared for her special bladder full of sperm. And if she could remember it, I was the man who could come up several times in her mouth and on her breasts and on her face, I was that man!

She could read me and during our conversation she whispered in my ears "Please let it rain again today babe" I have not forgotten you and you really the taste for more. By the way, You have seen me in action, and I hope you can encourage the same kind of bangers to experience it. My video is also online at Cumbizz so they can first enjoy the super hot moments. And yes I have to admit it, she is sprayed in her mouth full of several cocks, incredible how she swallows all loads neatly until the last drop!

It is really time that as a bukkake and gangbang lover you can watch the movie "Sexy Like Susi" in which this German Milf shines like never before. You can see what you will expect on February 11."

Yes...she said I will go extremely wild on february 11th in the Netherlands to satisfied my fans and for sure Mr. Cumbizz my favorite dirty dutch porn producer.

My last words to you visitor: (watch the movie and let it rain on february 11th) subscribe by mail is possible trough

The German Milf as we know her, can't get enough.

 Afther a big cum bukkake shower she will pick a guy to fuck her brains out.

You wil love to see the way her Big Tits Bounce, how she get a big, 9 inch cock,

all the way down het pussy and how she struggles to get it down her throat! 

Enjoy Sexy like Susi

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