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Flamingo Ride on 04/20 International Marijuana Day

Flamingo Ride on 04/20 International Marijuana Day

James came home after a day of hard work. The only thing he thought about at that time was smoking weed. He longed to go stoned high out waisted. He runs home to fix himself a  Big fat Splif. Some surprise he never expected when he arrived, yes, there were strange things going on. His girlfriend lies in the middle of the living room on a Pink Flamingo! "WTf Babe, what is this"? He swears and implores it.

Flamingo ride in real time

What he sees beats everything, was this an invitation to be able to show his skills on a wobbling Plastic Flamingo imitation? Dirty Dutch Porn with a Flamingo fantasy sauce over it. However, nothing could stop James from canceling his desire for a fat joint right now. No, it would taste more if he would give her a lesson on the Flaming ride tour in a condition that would be optimal on 04/20 International Marijuna day. So thought, so dreamed, and that's how it happened.

Big Black Cock will strike again

After a few times deep inhalation, big traits and sighs, big weed puffs of smoke into his room, James was ready for it. Slowly his big fat black cock appeared. The zipper in front of his fly burst open with violence and he pressed her belly to the back of her beloved Flamingo. Her super horny shapely ass came up challenging. He put his finger in her pussy, after a few strokes he put two fingers in it, she got soaked with his fingering, he licked the juice from her wet pussy and then wet a provocative ass so that his black dick could slip more easy into it. He enjoyed it, her moaning gestures as he stuck his whole hand into her widening cunt. He imagined himself in the heavenly cave where you could eat unlimited goodies...

Interacial dirty dutch porn on the flamingo ride

His black hands clasped her white buttocks, the flamingo ride became more meaningful when you can enjoy interracial sex in all forms, it brings people and races together, no blame and contradictions of black and white, people who do it together, love and sex bring respect for each other on this important day 04/20 our own International Marijuna Day. During this day everything is in it, Blowjobs, Deepthroats, Facials, Reverse cowgirl, Doggystyle, cumshots and what you can come up with or want to experiment with.

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