Alysa Gape easily grabbed his big dick with both hands in crush for anal

iAlysa Gape easily grabbed his big dick with both hands

Anal hardcore sex is the motto today

Anal sex has been his showpiece for years and he fell in love with it from the first day that a whore from Amsterdam challenged him for it. So Appie decided to punish the Russian Alysa Gape with his Dirty Dutch approach. Anal sex, hardcore anal satisfaction was made for him. What he could not have imagined is that this Russian girl would prove to him that most women are the boss in the house.

Punishment with anal hardcore sex delivers pleasure on both sides

He first ordered her to take a blowjob deep down her throat. Alysa Gape easily grabbed his big dick with both hands, she spits on it, she massages it, she shoves his hard rod into her mouth and throws it out so as not to get a facial yet, she still whispers it in his  ears. Her deeptroath was successful and it made him even wilder. Spanking, her buttocks were worth it, he started to give her a good shot and he could hear her growling, was it because he was spanking her too hard or was she just enjoying the unexpected blows even more? Appie is really angry now, he is now going to play his last trump, he turns her around hard and to his surprise sees a beautiful smile appear. He massages her asshole  with his long fingers and pushes his dick inside when everything gets wet. He fucks her anal, hardcore anal is what he has come up with as a punishment, she moans, she keeps moaning and asks for more, deeper Appie, I want to feel it deeper, Appie is demolished and must realize in his daze that women will always be the boss being and staying when it is about sex. 

She did not experience it as a punishment, on the contrary, she enjoyed every vengeful punch until he was almost done. Now spray my face darling, Spray me all over darling, because that's the end for me ... Appie obeyed, he couldn't help but she was the boss ...

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