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James came home from the night-shift. He Finally came home in a good mood, ready to relax when someone starts fucking knocking on the door. Damn Mom!! I'am busy, leave me alone, don't fuck up with my relaxing time! Door opens and his fucking step sister comes in telling about the nice aroma she smells on the hall. "Get da Fuck out of here lil bitch"! He pushes her out of his room and slams the door. She turns quickly into a Bratty sis and starts to negotiate, determined to spend some relaxing time with her step brother: I hereby vow solemnly that I will do whatever James asks for me, I will kiss his paws, I will caress his hands, I will lick his balls, I will suck his penis and let his cum flow over my face this together with my hottest girlfriends; let me suck your cock, play with my big tits and cum all over my slutty face please...


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