On this sunny sunday cries sounded in swedish "Vi måste slutföra det nu, med den här super-kåt tjejen" but their rivals did not let themselves be silenced, resolutely sounded "We will fuck like crazy then you can win the world cup ", but... The opposite was banging, england won the game 2-0 and the swedes were allowed to pack their bags on their way to their cold little country. But, not before they had settled with phoenix madina. Win 2 win is a reflection of two football rivals who, like die hard supporters had eaten the space coockie with the intention of delivering a top performance with their own green fairy. Taking a big bunch of weed before performing the act by anal lusting dudes, really does wonders.Say england rules and you can fuck me in my ass! Using a dildo for unimaginable pleasure with a real bukkake queen and deeptroath specialist turns this film into a real win 2 win blockbuster. How sweden - england ended during the world championships in russia, we all know! But...How it ended in win 2 win with our swedish and english stallions and phoenix madina you have to go see!


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