It’s dutch kingsday and her husband and her had an appointment to be at their friends 4 o’clock. But for some reason the stupid cunt is still inside the bathroom doing her make-up. On tv he watches people go absolutely crazy, dancing, being wasted on kingsday. Well known dutch dj’s such as afrojack, tiesto and hardwell are doing their performances. After a while he can’t take it anymore. He screams: goddamit woman, all the people are having a blast and I’m here on this fucking couch rotting a way. Hurry the fuck up! She: shut up asshole, fuck off. Him: fucking bitches and their fucking make-up. He’s annoyed right until she leaves the bathroom and shows up in her sexy orange kingsday outfit. He immediately calms down. Such a sexy outfit can’t go unnoticed. She smiles and says “this is a special for the king” and she starts sucking his cock. She pulls of his orange belt, wraps it around her neck and tells him that today she’s his lioness that needs to be tamed. In mere seconds she deepthroats his cock and gets fucked doggystyle. Just before he cums she stops and grabs a traditional dutch dessert. She let’s him cum on it before she starts eating it.


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