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Hi Mr. Cumbizz, it's Sabrina Deep. How are you? Can you get me some of those famous Dutch flowers? Ok, great, and she hanged up the phone and went for a shower. A bit later, somebody knocked on the door, she opened it and there he was. That was fast! Thanks God for guys like me, right? He answered. She smiled fuck yeah, when she noticed that those were a lot of flowers. OMG! That's a freaking lot, she said. How much is it? I don't think I want them all, she asked. You have to take them all, as I am not taking them back. I don't think I have enough cash with me: can I make it up to you with these puppies? And she showed a little bit of her big boobs. So do we have a deal or no deal? The dude went crazy...fuck, those are big! Fuck yeah, we got a deal! I've never fucked a real porn star before, so let's go baby (while he start to unzip his pants). That's a big boy too, she said. She started to lick his balls up and down and giving him a blowjob he might never forget, then he fucked her hard in all positions and came inside her pussy. Yeah, he made a real creampie mess. Best fuck ever, he said. Satisfied and laughing in her fists, she popped into the bathroom to freshen up. At this point, the boy grabs his chance. He gets dressed quickly, grabs his belongings and all the flowers, and he leaves noiselessly. Those flowers costed her a doggy-style, cream pie and deep-throat performance, and all for nothing...


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