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New videos in April

alt tag: New videos in April

Are you ready for the month of April Cumbizz fans, enthousiasts and first- timers? We’ve got a quality line-up ready for you. So look no further. Get your cocks ready or spread those legs because in April you’ll get to see the following hot new videos:

Puppy Slut

Release date: april 4th 2017 - You can now watch this video

We start of the month with a great new BBC video. This young horny teen slut loves to wear a dog collor and belt while deepthroating. It’s not so much a fetish but more of a lifestyle for this slutty teen. Watch how she gets fucked deep inside her pussy and tight asshole. She just loves a good deep anal deep dicking. The prospect of having big cocks inside her ass makes this cumslut even wetter. And who wouldn’t want to fuck such a tight round ass? He knows no mercy while he pulls her dogcollor and her tight teen ass jumps up and down his cock. 

Patrol cop

Daytime Patrol cop - Sparetime cumslut

Release date: TBA

Also in April, a great new Cummision video. During the day she’s a bad ass cop. But at night she turns into the biggest cumslut you’ve ever seen. As soon as she wears the SWAT ski-mask on her entire persona changes. Watch how she sucks on 16 big cocks and swallows loads of cum. This daytime cop wants to experience the biggest facial ever.